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Ray C.
Ray C.Owner of Doob Tubes

HI! I’m Ray C, Owner of Doob Tubes

I started Doob Tubes after a 7-month round of chemotherapy. I found myself having to smoke to even get out of the car at the grocery store. I got tired of cigarettes coming unrolled in my pockets, and the terrible smell that comes with a half-burnt cigarette.

Doob Tubes was conceived following an encounter with two San Francisco police, who refused to believe that Ray was rightfully using alternative medicine. Reflecting back on this experience after spending countless hours in courtrooms and hospitals, Ray identified the need for a medical container, clearly labeled detailing its contents.

Ray’s idea was to create a robust plastic tube, small enough to fit inside a pocket and designed with an innovative cap to make it both water-resistant and smell-proof.

Now, against all odds, Ray is a free man with a clean bill of health, running a thriving businesses which has sold over six million units to date.