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Custom Branded Doob Tubes

Custom Branded Doob Tubes

Doob Tubes provide the perfect way of publicizing your brand.

Distribute your own branded Doob Tubes to your customers to ensure they never forget your name.

We work with some of the largest dispensaries in the country to provide custom-labeled tubes. Would you like to distribute you own branded Doob Tubes? Simply fill out the form below to get the process started.

Our minimum order for custom tubes is 1,000.

If you have any problems or questions placing a Wholesale Order please call Ray: (510) 677-6053

Custom Doob Tube Pricing

Custom Doob Tube Pricing

Our minimum order for custom tubes is 1 case of 1000. There is a one-time set up fee of $138 plus $350for a thousand tubes packaged.

Available Price Breaks:

1-4 Cases: $350 per thousand
5-9 Cases: $300 per thousand (Set up fee waived)
10+ Cases: $225 per thousand

*Bulk packaging is also available and lowers the cost by $25 per thousand units. Most dispensairies and clinics use the packaging for inventory control. As a case consists of 10 boxes of 100 and is easier to monitor.

Custom Tasters Pricing

Available in single color on clear glass. There is a set-up charge of $45. Minimum order of 500 units

$350 per hundred tasters