Our Doob Tubes have been so well received by marijuana users, dispensaries and head shops in recent months that we have decided to push them out to a wider audience. Many people are still unaware of the convenience that Doob Tubes provide, and we’re setting out to put them in the know, starting off with residents of San Francisco.

An exciting new advertisement campaign began this week in the Bay area of San Francisco, and if you live in the vicinity, you can expect to see Doob Tubes advertisements on the city’s buses. Doob Tubes adverts are now plastered on 61 buses operating in the San Francisco area, down as far as Daly City and South San Francisco.

View our advert on buses across San Francisco

The ads are located on both the inside and the outside of the buses, meaning they should catch the attention of bus passengers, pedestrian traffic, and other vehicles, too. There are countless medical marijuana patients across California who would benefit significantly from our pocket-sized, air-tight tubes, and we’re trying to reach out to them.

Over six million Doob Tubes have been sold already, and they are becoming more popular by the day. Grab one for yourself, and enjoy complete discretion when carrying your marijuana in public.